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September 1, 2021

A Renfrew Park Wedding

Hunter and Alyssa are an incredible couple! They have this unspoken understanding, and undeniable love for each other. The way their family gathered around, and their longtime friends spoke about them, everyone knew they were soul mates! Everyone could feel it, just by being around them, that they were meant to be. And this is why, even on a hot-humid wedding day, it could be completely filled with joy!! 

I showed up on their big day, just as the hair and make up stylist was getting started on all the girls! This was my very first wedding EVER!!! So, needless to say, I was nervous, and eager to get started! Alyssa and brides maids got ready at the MOH house. Which was only 11 minutes away from the gorgeous venue they invested so much into! It being my first wedding day alone, I was hesitant to start rearranging the MOH home. But, I knew if I was going to get images I was proud of,  I had to just do it! So I did, and some of the girls even helped me!! They will never know how grateful I am for feeling so welcomed!

So, we headed to the first look over at Renfrew Park, where the hills rolled, the white barn stood tall, and the historic house watched over the wild flowers grow by the creek! It was GLORIOUS! Hunter and Alyssa shared the sweetest first look, even as well all started to melt in the thick muggy heat! 

Hunter and Alyssa had the most elegant, casual wedding, and it was PERFECTION! After their ceremony, we all headed down to the reception to enjoy some games, dinner, and music! Skipping any formal dances or toasts, this perfect couple and their family were enjoying every moment! 

What an honor to be the one to capture their day!! I loved getting to know these two, and being alongside them on their day!! Enjoy my Favorites! 

Thank you for Reading!! Ashley XOXO

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