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September 7, 2021

OH MY GOSH!!! It has been a year since this sweet boy made his entrance into this crazy world! Jasek spent his first few days in the NICU, basically because he refused to breath on his own! However, once he got the hang of breathing air, he was ready roll!!

Just a few fun facts about this boy!!

-LOVES to eat…basically ANYTHING!! | refuses to bare weight on his legs (something we are working on!!) | went to physically therapy and wore a Doc band for 4 Months due to torticollis | LOVES Coco Mellon!! | he is a daddies boy (I hate to admit that) | his favorite phrase so far “whats that?!” | first word “dada” (of course it was!!!) | and last but not least, he does the butt scoot everywhere!!

Like any mother, I naturally compare Jasek to his big brother, Reed (aka Reedy). And, I can feel it in my SOUL, this little love is going to be my WILD Child….

He is very independent, fights my snuggles, always has something to say (with his babbles), and has no problem showing us that he is upset!! Where as my first born, Reed, a COMPLETE 180!! Literally… I’m doomed!!

But Jasek fills our hearts, he is loved beyond measure, and is going to change this world for the better!! God has big plans for this little man! He was born a fighter, and will be an amazing leader as he grows. I pray, that the lord shows me the way, to raise such a strong minded son, into being a wonderful, strong willed man, husband, and father!

Jasek, thank you for blessing me and your daddy! (And between me and you, your daddy needed you more then you will ever know!!!)

Thank you for reading, Ashely xoxo

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