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March 22, 2022

A Windy Gettysburg Lodge Wedding

Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Fithian!! Chase and Marissa’s Wedding day was a perfect way for me to start off my 2022 wedding season! It had high blistering winds all day, but these two embraced every moment. Marissa was an absolutely stunning bride, who was glowing with joy all day! The day they had been dreaming of and planning for so long was finally here!

I learned how easy these two are to love at their engagement session! And, I as able to meet their two little babes during their Christmas mini session we did in December. It was an absolute pleasure to work with these two once again, just as I knew it would be!

It had been 65 degrees for over a week, but the morning of their wedding, a strong cold front with high winds came through Gettysburg! It was a challenge for all of us to capture beautiful portraits between high gusts of wind! We were very limited on location due to the wind, but we pulled it off! Her dress was more then perfect for this weather, and every image I took proved that more and more!

Marissa and Chase are both beautiful people inside and out! I am filled with joy to have served these two during this season on their life! Enjoy your beautiful wedding day from my point of view!!

Thank You for reading!!

Ashley xoxo

  1. Randy & Judi Seeders says:

    As grandparents who could not attend because of surgery, we are so very grateful for your beautiful photography skills. So nice to see Riss & Chases ‘ wedding through your professional eyes.
    Thank you for your expertise so we too can enjoy their wedding!

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