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Reed + Jasek | Mini


April 26, 2022

A Beautiful Mini Session on the Country Side | Smithsburg, MD.

This is the first time my two sweet boys are being introduced to the Blog!! Reed is my older son, he will be the big 8 in July!! This sweet boy is kind, understanding, compassionate, sensitive, loving, and strong! I truly know in my heart he is going to lead the way one day through his love for God.

Jasek, he is the newest member to our sweet family!! He will be 2 in September, how?!!!! I just had him the other day it feels like! Now Jasek, pronounced (Jay-Sick), is a complete 180 from Reed, he is stubborn, strong willed, dedicated, fearless, sensitive, and a mommies boy!

Who knew a 7 year old and a 18 month old could fight? When I say this, what I really mean is, why does the 18 month old torment the 7 years old! For such a huge age gap, for all the mommies out there who are wondering, its amazing! I adore their bond, the way Jasek follows Reed, the way Reed is over protective of Jasek. I have been blessed to watch these two grow slo close, with such an age difference!

(I love you two boys more then life it self, and I pray this world doesn’t harden your heart, and you choose love over hate each and everyday!! -Love Mommy)

Please enjoy these sweet faces!!

I just love how Reed had his FitBit on the entire time, and I didn’t notice till it was too late!!
Reed looks so thrilled! I took all these pictures in 10 min!!! And he stilled hated being in front of the camera!
This is the true reality of my life! And I felt like I would be cheating you all if I did not include this!! hahahah

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